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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does Wellpost work?


Q. Is Wellpost affordable my business?

A. Wellpost is the right solution for any business. Whether you're a one truck or one hundred truck operation, Wellpost is a cost effective data transfer and presentation method. Multiple pricing plans based on activity mean you only pay for what you actually use with discounts for high volume users.

Q. How easy is Wellpost to implement?
A. Implementing Wellpost is quick and easy. You system will be live within days. Sunergon facilitates every aspect of the implementation process and the intuitive design means you won't spend a bundle training your field staff.
Q. Who or what is Sunergon?
A. Sunergon Information Services specialize in custom application development for a number of industries, including oil and gas.
Q. Is my data secure?
A. The web site uses 128 bit SSL, the same security the banks use on their web sites.  Data from the field is encrypted before compression and transfer.  The data is stored on computers located in a secure collocation facility.
Q. How is the data protected against unauthorized access?
A. Wellpost uses a three tier user security model enabling clients to set permissions for their own users on an individual well basis.  Temporary access to files can be granted to interested parties on a timed basis.  A protocol for handling tight holes has been implemented to permit only those individuals with the required permissions to see the associated data.